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Brand Knowledge

It all starts with data. Small data as in focus groups, medium range data as in random sampling or big data for analytics and automation of marketing communication and marketing field work. Raw data will be pieced together and examined through correlations via insightful analytics. The data points are dotted together to arrive at relevant information to see the pattern and the big picture on the consumers, the product, the market and the media. CPMM analytics is achieved through methodical, organized and scientific agency planning processes. These brand marketing platforms are bridged to provide an all-encompassing brand knowledge.

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Brand Experience

The agency’s vast brand experience will be a means of connecting the dots between brand knowledge, the creative and the media. Our brand experience is based on the agency network’s empirical and professional work on: A.  Global, regional and local clients with well-known brands marketed worldwide; 2. Clients of varied origin: USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East North Africa and the Far East that provide the agency a wealth of cultural and demographic understanding and agility; 3. Product Category: FMCG, services, tech, manufacturing, logistic, tourism, government, airlines, hospitality, mobiles, appliances, automotive that provides a thorough grasp of product, market and consumer concept marketing within a wide range of industries; 3. Vertical and horizontal range of agency activities and services: Data insight, creative, media, technology, social, digital, brand activation, consultancies. Truly a fully integrated creative, marketing, digital, social, e-commerce and media planning and buying through programmatic.

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Brand Analytics

Raw data is simply a mass of data points comprising brand knowledge that without brand experience will provide no means of having any connections among the data points. Brand experience on top of masses of data will provide some sporadic connections that still require brand analytics in order establish correlations and association as data points get connected and relate to each other through statistical analysis and insightful analytics. It is only at this stage that agency planning takes form and problem-solution approaches to consumer, product, market and media are identified, recognized and realized throughout the strategic brand processes to provide a comprehensive social, psychological, economic and communication platform for creative conceptualization and execution. Planners and strategists at this stage can only frame the brand storytelling and narrative to address consumer problems, market problems, product problems and media problems for optimization and performance. At this stage the creative is an interconnected framework for strategic agency planning, however, now the creative has to take over as we are much closer to the final content From this point on arts and hearts take over the creative processes and the final creative is developed.

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Brand Creative

Brand knowledge, brand experience and brand analytics are the prerequisites for developing a relevant, meaningful and compelling creative with impact and effectiveness. The creative is fine tuned for a precise and consistent campaign architecture and device infrastructure within any formats of a few seconds, 30 seconds or longer versions of 10, 15, 20 minutes as in content for addressing social responsibility or sustainability topics. Our brand experience and brand analytics is the key pointer to translate the data-driven knowledge into the big-idea creative. On the basis of our extensive brand experience the data points are dotted together to highlight a brand purpose and humanize the product beyond raw information.

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Brand Delivery

Means of message delivery — content — and device delivery — media — have dramatically been transformed through ML, AI, innovation, automation, VR, AR, digital marketing, social online networking and marketing. We literally have newspapers, magazines and broadcast in the traditional sense fading away and out of home indoor and outdoor submerging with the new backlit plasma technology. Media is the Message and the Message is the Media. Amazon is the e-commerce, the trade marketing field for online below-the-line, slotting allowance as in trade marketing and message delivery as Media cum device — mainly a mobile. Google is a search, e-commerce and content media cum-newspaper, magazine and broadcast. Facebook, Instagram as mutated content cum media through mobile as a device. Streaming media is also eating the remaining lunch for radio and TV broadcast. Netflix, Disney, Amazon, HBO, Shazam, Spotify and many other global, regional and local streaming services are crowding the market. Add to that all the online games, sites, apps and what have you and you have to rely steadfastly on optimization, performance, safety and security.

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We have cheerfully and expertly designed, developed, strategized and implemented web marketing programs and wordpress sites for small and large medical clients, non-profit foundations, design agencies, real estate groups and small service clients. Praesent tincidunt molestie libero mollis porta. Praesent sit amet faucibus leo.

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What our costumers say

Launch of Energizer Batteries

In 1982 the first ever launch of Energizer batteries in MENA

Lipton of Unilever Launch

First Ever International TV commercial On Saudi TV

First Ever Launch of Dove

In one of the largest Middle East markets for Unilever

The LG Global Agency of the Year 1995

Agency of Record Creative and Media for All Products for MENA

First Prize Best of Show Canada Interior Architecture

Carassi Offices Canada Best of Show / Innovation in Digital Space

Our Team

Mark Carassi
Creative Director / CEO

Ph.D., Media & Information Studies, Communication Arts & Sciences Michigan State University, USA 2016; Honorary Professor of Promotions, John Adlinger,  2008

Founding Management

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Ph.D., Media & Information Studies, Communication Arts & Sciences, Michigan State University, USA, 2016, Honorary Professor of Promotions, John Adlinger, Michigan State University, USA 2008; B.S. and M.S. in advertising and media, Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, N.Y. USA. With over four decades of experience in market research, creative, media planning and buying culminating in directing and producing over 100 regional and multinational TV commercials for the likes of General Motors SPO, Xerox, Unilever, Lipton, Kenwood, Krups, AC Delco, Cussons International, Church & Dwight, LG, Philip Morris, Carrier, Panasonic, JVC, TECOM, Masafi, ADNOC and Al Ain Dairy among others.

Mark Carassi,
Creative Director / CEO