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Emborg of Denmark is a food company for the wellbeing of the consumers since 1947 providing real, tasty and nutritious food of the highest quality that includes freshly frozen foods, Burgers and sandwich slices, dairy, Chicken Franks and a range of other packaged goods products. Carassi Caspian won the business to develop a strong brand equity for the company in MENA by mid 1990s. A TV commercial was produced in London UK and a through-the-line campaign was developed to promote freshly frozen vegetables to sausages, broccoli, peas and butter. The campaign was supported with shoppers and trade marketing at the sales outlets with the production of below-the-line promotional material integrated with sampling and demonstration experiential events.

Carassi Caspian developed the creative concept and the storyboard. The campaign was run throughout the Middle East to achieve optimal reach and frequency through a methodical agency planning on data and insight for creative and media execution. An analytics-based media planning toward a well-targeted media buying with optimized performance was fully handled by Carassi Caspian as the Agency of Record. The TV commercial was scripted, directed and produced by Mark Carassi, at Mark Carassi Ltd. London, UK.

Problem: To demonstrate how frozen food can be farm-fresh with all the goodness retained in the product from harvest to packaging.

Solution: Series of shots demonstrating the maximum appetite appeal of the products with freshness and attractive natural colours of the products that have been achieved by well preparing the food for outstanding shots by professional home economists. Freshness, goodness and taste at its best. Fresh food is shown during attractive preparation, steaming and cooking.

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