Kraft Heinz

campaign Implementation Brief

Working for major global clients has been a specialty for Carassi Caspian. As a private independent agency we compete with the top world agency groups in terms of handling multinationals in the field of packaged goods. Carassi Caspian handled Heinz products in the MENA region which included Heinz beans, Heinz ketchup and Farley. The regional launch of Farley’s and the major awareness campaign on broadcast channels and regional print for both Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Beans have been among the highlights of our multinational work.

Problem: Most consumers not realizing that Heinz is as much beans as ketchup. The objective was to make Heinz beans as successful as Ketchup with the MENA consumers.


Solution: A very strong narrative and jingle was produced to bring out the traditional association of Heinz ketchup and beans. The lyrics simply frame the main message with the rhythm that HEINZ IS BEANS … HEINS IS KETCHUP…  The broadcast media was integrated with hot servings of beans at major supermarkets.

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