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Technology and AI

Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, self-augmenting Platforms, experiential, Apps, e-commerce, Blockchain, Enterprise Cloud, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Online Gaming and programmatic online ad buys are the fundamentals. Then technology and innovation aligned with our well-known and compelling creative work, philosophy and processes scales up to sell products and services as our creative tightly touches consumers at various psychological consumer behaviour layers to build brand awareness, brand preference, brand intentions, brand convictions, brand loyalty, brand equity and return-customers with an expanding new market base.

Data Science Initiative is the mainframe of thinking, philosophy, brainstorming, platforming and action for our global advertising and marketing. Every aspect of marketing communication embraces automation from data, to creativity, content production, media planning and media buying — through granular programmatic — to account management and consultancies at heart. Market development and promotional brand activation within e-commerce digital path touch points combined with innovative experiential brick-and-mortar shopping is morphed with amplified social, digital, public, media and investor relations around sustainability, social responsibility on safety, inclusivity and diversity.

Old and traditional has just transformed into new and digital-social. The fundamentals have not changed but revamped and evolved within internet networking and buying within a web of automation of processes for optimized marketing and media performance. The diffusion of AI has enhanced the science, heart and art of advertising and marketing at the peak beat rate front and center.